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Warmly congratulate Yaodu District Rural Credit Cooperative Union reformed to Shanxi Yaodu Rural Commercial Bank.
Topduty’s clients – Kailuan Group and Fangezhuang Mining achieved the rewards of “Corporate Culture Sample Group in Hebei Province”.
Yopduty was rewarded as “Most satisfied brand of Chinese corporate culture consulting by clients”
Yopduty hold new year celebration evening party
Topduty hold 2010 annual conference
Long Jiang River’s corporate culture management consulting project started
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Only uniting together can stimulate motives!

“Topduty” stands for unite and motive, only unite together can stimulate motives. As a Chine professional corporate culture consulting company, Topduty formed its own management characteristics and culture during its survival and development process, Topduty’s management and development are both based on continuous implementation to these culture’s belief, faith and principles. In Topduty, all members’ behavior must keep consensus with these principles and criteria.

We believe Topduty’s strategy can be changed, leaders can be replaced, even culture’s performance must be kept from time to time, in a word, all things can be adjusted but our core culture, which is the only thing we keep and lead us. Only insisting on our belief can stimulate companies’ continual development, only united belief can cultivate outstanding teams, in a word, only culture can make us live long.
Only uniting together can stimulate motives!

Our mission:

Provide the best solutions; improve clients’ core values; foster management infield talents.
The mission means:

We must systemically explain corporations’ core value elements, and put efforts on comprehensively improving clients’ core values through culture management consulting.

We know: corporate culture management connects all parts of corporation management, it treats belief as the core, take strategy as the purpose, systemically solve the problems related to corporate values’ upgrading by grasping one main point to drive all other points. So we concentrates on studying the core elements which affects the clients’ development, to make the key values driving elements clear and systematic, besides, we also improve corporations’  management performance to achieve continuous growth by effective operation.  

Topduty is the place to raise management talents, the establishment of this mission means Topduty seeks for consultants’ abilities’ development, like research ability, consulting ability, management ability etc. in addition, encourage and support consultants to actively participate in management innovation activities. Through the combination of theories and practice, Topduty formed a valuable management team and trained many influential management talents in China.

We work together because of the same purpose, Topduty’s all operation and management ways all connects to our mission. All members of topduty must remember our mission, work hard, to achieve client’s success and ourselves’ success.

Our prospect:

To become influential international professional consulting institute.
Topduty’s prospects means:

We are the supplier of corporation core problems (corporate culture management)’ solving solutions, the strategy partners trusted and firstly chosen by clients. Topduty’s strength and brand are honors clients are willing to share with.

We merge broad management theories attained the statues as one and put them into practice. Our empirical study and consulting fruits are unique, which have become the leader of Chinese culture management, and have wined recommendation and respects from all areas, we have established our own coordinate in Chinese management science area.

We continually upgrade clients’ values, comprehensively creates team values, to make personal value come true, to make topduty become the place of training talents and attracting talents.

Our values:

Sincere and honest: our career’s base
Nimble and bright: our profession’s essence
Solid and new: our performance’s principle
United and proceeding: our team’s aspiration

Our behavior rules:

Sincere and honest
1.    Be honest to clients, sincerely provide service, and take responsibility to the end.
2.    Pursue to common career, unflaggingly work with perseverance.
3.    Honestly and frankly communicate, always keep straight. We refuse and resist behaviors of mutual slander and strife.
4.    Believe corporation’s employees are valuable employees; leaders who care about employees are valuable leaders.
5.    We strictly follow commerce ethics, look down upon seeking personal gains, and only this can concentrate on providing good service to our clients.
Nimble and bright
6.    Nimble view, bright thinking, recognize the whole through observation of the part, from the small clues, one can see what is coming;  
7.    Make immediate respond when finding the problems, and take quick action
8.    Quick, good and saving, work asks for high-quality’s accelerated speed.
9.    Brilliant, clear and developed, comprehensive and unique, benefits others and self, develop others and self.

Solid and new
10.    We insist on the principles of empirical, infield practice, actual effects.
11.    Making proposals based on capacity, performance. Not for name but for facts, not for study but for use.
12.    Treat innovation as life, our enemy is following the old routine, standing still, refuse to make progress and being self – assertive.
13.    We achieve knowledge’s cluster and integration, to attain innovation and beyond purpose by systemically and collectively study.

United and proceeding
14.    We believe, consulting results are team wisdoms’ essence, to make sure consulting quality must display cooperation effects.
15.    Our happiness is sharing fruits with our clients, sharing success with our team, to make value’s joint promotion with clients, teams and individuals.
16.    As long as having ability, every member can do our “leading wild-goose”, we are happy to let trusted partners replace us.
17.    We pursue nonstop, keep new and proceed every day; anyone and anything can not let us give up pursuing our common career.
18.    We believe, as long as paying great attention and efforts, nothing is impossible.