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Warmly congratulate Yaodu District Rural Credit Cooperative Union reformed to Shanxi Yaodu Rural Commercial Bank.
Topduty’s clients – Kailuan Group and Fangezhuang Mining achieved the rewards of “Corporate Culture Sample Group in Hebei Province”.
Yopduty was rewarded as “Most satisfied brand of Chinese corporate culture consulting by clients”
Yopduty hold new year celebration evening party
Topduty hold 2010 annual conference
Long Jiang River’s corporate culture management consulting project started
Focus business > corporate culture management

 corporate culture research\ diagnosis\ positioning\ upgrading :
    ·culture and operation performance correlation diagnosis
    ·corporate culture’s qualitative analysis
    ·corporate culture’s quantitative analysis
    ·corporate culture’s positioning analysis
    ·culture characteristic modeling
    ·core competitive positioning
    ·strategy sharing and culture matching survey
    ·organization atmosphere survey   
    ·management context survey
    ·cohesion survey
    ·satisfaction survey
    ·leading behavior survey (PM survey )
    ·corporate subculture diagnosis and building
    ·cross-cultural management diagnosis and merge   
    ·brand belief survey  
    ·psychological stress measurement and performance

corporate culture clarity and system:  
    ·corporate culture clarity explanation
    ·corporate culture system clarity positioning
    ·corporate culture manual plan
    ·corporate culture manual design
    ·corporate image recognition system

corporate culture development plan, implant operation:  
    ·corporate culture development plan and guide
    ·culture transformation, upgrading and reform plan and guide
    ·culture operation’s resistance and motives measurement
    ·organization reform plan
    ·organization reform operation consulting
    ·brand belief foundation
    ·operation of corporation image’s identification system

corporate culture audit: 
    ·corporate culture building measurement and audit
    ·corporate culture consulting measurement and audit
    ·corporate culture audit training
    ·culture management after corporate culture auditing

culture oriented corporation management consulting:
   ·development strategy plan and implementation
   ·organization development plan implementation
   ·HR management
   ·organization structure design implementation
   ·brand building
   ·team building
   ·EAP  Employee Assistance Plan

area, city and related organizations culture consulting:
    ·urban industry corporation economical performance survey, survey and solutions
    ·urban culture building
    ·regional culture building
    ·public management organization culture building
    ·business unit culture building
    ·NGO non-government organization culture building
    ·temporary organization culture building
    ·industry psychology stress and economical performance evaluation

strategic success elements analysis related to organizational culture:
    ·organization behavior key points design
    ·employee behavior grading system design
    ·system implementation training
    ·corporation leaders’ culture management coach   
    ·organizational culture’s present status analysis
    ·organizational culture preparation before strategy reform
    ·assisting leaders to solve organizational culture conflicts

corporate culture employees’ management coach:
    ·organizational culture management theory supports(and related training supports)
    ·organizational culture management infield guide
    ·organizational culture conflicts analysis
    ·culture management process consulting
    ·culture managers competency counseling
    ·integration with HR performance system assessment