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 China corporate culture management research report

(overall report)

According to some study, there exists series of problems needed to be solved properly in Chinese corporate culture. A majority of corporations have primary understanding to corporate culture, but in general, there exists deviation of key points on corporate culture management recognition. In Chinese enterprises, the prominent problem about corporate culture is still the implant problem of culture. in corporate culture’s research and practice, scientific corporate culture management methodology has started to be noticed, corporate culture’s empirical research started to rise and boost, however , at the same time, it exposed serious problems, for instance, research mechanism, academic fickleness, lack of innovation and intellectual property, utility and applicability worse, academics ethics breach etc.

In addition, corporate culture’s development surface issues become popular; it gives prominence to serious pan-culture and chaos phenomena.


Chinese corporate culture management research report

(Finance enterprises, banks)

Chinese finance enterprises have general recognition to corporate culture’s importance, corporate culture management work also have received some attentions, but overall recognition degree is not very high. Especially for key points of corporate culture, in general, it emphasizes system’s clarity, publicity and implementation. However, regarding the core of corporate culture work – effective management work, like upgrading corporate management performance and brand value etc, less attention was paid, which results in corporate the phenomena of culture’s level difference……


Chinese corporate culture management research report

(Electrics enterprises)

According to our research, Enterprises’ recognition and demand on corporate culture mainly concentrated on three sides, they are culture’s summary and abstract, forming culture system (manual) and culture’s publicity, there are few enterprises which involves establishing corporate deep culture positioning and reform matched with strategy, only some remarkable enterprises (like Jinyuan No.2 Electrics’ “Jinyuan management model leaded by Rixin culture”) sometimes mentioned. Enterprises’ these general recognitions foster “culture plan” momentum; it also leads to corporate culture results’ chaos.


Chinese corporate culture management research report

(real estate enterprises) 

Leaders of real estate enterprises did not pay too much attention on corporate culture; some corporations’ leaders only focus on carrying out corporate culture management from the format, intend to follow popular flows and fashion; a majority of enterprises still need to treat corporate culture management activities seriously, especially corporations’ leaders should pay more attention seriously.


Chinese corporate culture management research report

(Coal enterprises)

Chinese corporate culture management research report

(pharmacy enterprises)