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Topduty’s clients – Kailuan Group and Fangezhuang Mining achieved the rewards of “Corporate Culture Sample Group in Hebei Province”.
Yopduty was rewarded as “Most satisfied brand of Chinese corporate culture consulting by clients”
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Long Jiang River’s corporate culture management consulting project started
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Han River Water and Hydropower (Group) Co., Ltd. GM Heping
May 11th, Topduty submitted to Han River Group, (short for ). We read seriously, and listened to the project report, we agreed this report was objective, which fitted for our company’s reality.
We used to think corporate culture was blank,  did not simply discuss culture, but see management problems from the standpoint of culture, comprehensively analyzed Han River Group’s corporate culture’s history, status quo and prospects, deeply dig out corporation’s operation environment, strategy, organization, management, culture, brand and other parts’ advantages and disadvantages, all problems no matter what we thought of and what we did not think of were abstracted, which helped us recognize the relationship between corporate culture and corporation management, and supplied good bases for culture match and support corporation’s development strategy and management reform. ’s whole structure is reasonable, the analysis is clear, main problems was abstracted properly, the conclusion was made accurately.  We will pay great attention to the given suggestion.
At the same time, we hope Topduty’s experts can make persistent efforts, at the fist stage’s base, continue excellent work, to supply a which matched Han River Group’s feature, practical and effective, simple and clear, easy to be implemented and used by our employees.

Xu xu (Anhui huadian Corporation     General Manager)
Seriously responsible attitude and professional ability are reasons that we chose and recommended Topduty.  

Yu Bingqi (Huanshan Group    President)
As a Private enterprise, Huanshan Group wanted to carry out culture consulting for long, but we were prudent when choosing consulting cooperated partner, and inspected candidate consulting companies time after time. Later, our General Manager Mr. Wang and Mr. Meng both recommended Topduty, We think their choice were right. What we need is consulting cooperated partners who is practical, clear, and can solve our problems; private enterprises need this kind of consulting team in developing phase.

Chen Niandai (Huiren Group   CEO)
Topduty’s project plan and research plan are explicit, the questionnaire are professional, which is the difference between professional companies and general companies.

Chen Huinan (Jiangsu Huaerrun Group   President)
There are many corporation image planning companies in China, but quite few works on corporate culture’ classification and extraction. We used to talk about corporate culture plan, since knowing Topduty, we changed the old saying to “Classification”, and it is great. Topduty’s work can be concluded to be “excellent and effective” from the beginning to the end.

Cheng Dongmei (Jinan Refinery Factory   Corporate management department   corporate culture project contact person)
I used to ask Minister Liu before Topduty coming: how about Topduty Company? Is it also a planning company? But after I saw Topduty’s work state since they came, I realized Topduty was too much serious and responsible.

Wang Weidong (Gansu Jingyuan No.2 Power Generation Co., Ltd.   GM)

I never thought Topduty analyzed management problems so explicitly and deeply, never thought Topduty do corporate culture consulting so solidly, and never thought you helped us classify so many complicated culture definitions, now I get clearer of – corporate culture is as simple and practical as that, too many definitions only can bring management burdens to corporations. In fact, more simple, more outstanding, simplicity can stick out more strength compared with complexity.